• Randy Runtsch

    Randy Runtsch

    Nature photographer, cyclist, adventurer, data analyst, data engineer, and programmer. Top writer in photography.

  • PeterD


  • Craig Dubow

    Craig Dubow

  • shubhankar padhy

    shubhankar padhy

  • Kairsten Fay

    Kairsten Fay

    Storyteller, software engineer (full stack), and experimental hobbyist. Working @ Facebook Open Source, Seattle. she/her πŸ³οΈβ€πŸŒˆ

  • Fabien Soulis

    Fabien Soulis

    Security Architect and CTO at http://dmarc.fr. I write about IT security and technologies : Azure, Docker, Kubernetes, CI CD, Django, Python, etc.

  • L. D. Nicolas May

    L. D. Nicolas May

    Data Engineer in Marketing Analytics

  • Banana Chip Tech

    Banana Chip Tech

    Banana Chip Tech is focused on optimizing healthcare through computation! We build apps, create websites, and develop tech courses for healthcare professionals!

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